Your Personality Our Creativity

This is your home a place where you can show your true colors.  It
is your reflection, your dreams, your ideas.  Our team has creative
resources that will give you that special place.  From a beautiful
kitchen color that harmonizes with the family room to a striking
dining room for your best parties. Your hopes and dreams blend
with our special color preparation.
Murals Page

Look at our murals page to get ideas for your own rooms. From a
children's room with penguins to elaborate frescoes for a womans
home office we have it all.
Rooms Page

What makes up your room? Not just the paint. Here are rooms that
show the beautiful furniture and other architectural features that we
use to decide on what works best in your personal areas.

Creating beautiful spaces for over 25 years

Licensed, insured and certified.
Samples Page

There are many special finishes that can be used to give your
ideas color. This is just a sample of some of the ways we can give
you the WOW in your rooms.
Offices Page

When you are looking to impress, inspire, or just WOW let us show
you some of the best ways. We encourage strong dynamic colors
that show strength, resilience, and empowerment.
Faux boulders are light weight, strong, and look real. They can
have fossils, gold veining, and moss applied to them. They are
reasonably priced. Long lasting they hold up to the freezing and
thawing temperatures.
Painters of Solid Colors, Faux Finishes, and Murals
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