Dining Deluxe

Many beautiful ways to accent dining rooms. We have included a
strong accent wall for this forested window view.
Dining Room Ceilings

All good dining rooms with special tray ceilings and crown
molding must have an eclectic finish to them as well.

Those that have a column or two in the dining room, can be
marbleized to please the eye.
Traditional elegance

Whether you want that quaint feeling for intimate gatherings or a
statement around your fireplace we can bring it to you.
Special Finishes

Bring together the colors in your dining room including wood,
floor, furniture, and artwork as a faux finish on your wall.
Sunlight abounds

As a very bright area allows stronger and more dramatic
accessories so too with the finish on the walls.
Painters of Solid Colors, Faux Finishes, and Murals
Designer Walls