When we start a large project what do we do
There are many people who ask us what steps should
be done when working on a room. Here is a guide to
preparing your rooms.
1. Any repair work that would cause damage to        
ceilings, walls, or floors. Could include electrical,
plumbing and HVAC.
2. Any new work as windows, doors, trim, and cabinetry.
3. All floors including wall to wall carpet, ceramic,
4. Ceilings painted.
6. Doors, windows, and trim painted.
5. Walls painted.

What do we need when you come for the
You can look through and have color chips with you.
You can look at the wide assortment of faux samples out
there and have those with you if you find anything (and I
mean anything) that you like.

There is nothing that you need to have ahead of time.
We bring all of the samples for you to look at and get
ideas. We bring a portfolio of pictures showing you what
we have done in other rooms. We also will show you
some of the latest most popular colors being used right
now so you can see the trends in color.

Is there someone we can talk to about the
work you do?
References can be given to you. Our clients are very
pleased with the work that we do. Many of them would
not want phone calls disturbing them. (Think phone
solicitors.) But there are a few of our clients that are
willing to talk to someone else who might want work done
by us. Please ask us for their names.

How do I prepare my rooms ahead of time
before you come?
All the breakables need to be out of the room. This
includes lamps, glass, framed pictures, and anything
that is inside cabinets that might fall over when moving
the cabinet.

We go room by room. So one room can be cleaned at a
time. We will let you know a day ahead which room is
next so you can move the items.

How do you prepare the room before you paint.
We move the furniture to the middle of the room (if you
have not already done this for us.) We lay cloth drops
down all around the room. Then we cover all furniture
with plastic.
Now we prepare the ceilings and walls (whatever we are
painting) by patching all holes and scratches. Now we
are ready to paint.
Painters of Solid Colors, Faux Finishes, and Murals
Designer Walls