Kitchen Encounters

So many kitchens have beautiful cabinets, counters, appliances
but lack an awesome finale. The walls must accent the important
features of the kitchen. Integrating all the variety into one.
Kitchen Cabinets

Good quality cabinets do not need to be demolished. Just put a
new coat of high quality paint on them and they will last for
years. Washable, scrubbable, and very durable.
Green is clean

When someone wants to find the color that accents all the warm
tones in a kitchen I will lead them, slowly if necessary, to the
Grapes a plenty

A kitchen jamboree would not be complete without including
some grapes for flavor. So here they are for your pleasure. Enjoy.
Comfortable Cozy Kitchens

Matching the style and the comfortable atmosphere in this
quaint kitchen was the goal. She loved it.
Simple elegance

The clean lines and soft plum walls are all that are needed in
Ecclectic Kitchens

If you want some flair in a plain kitchen or a striking accent wall
we can show you many samples to choose just the perfect
Painters of Solid Colors, Faux Finishes, and Murals
Designer Walls