Murals and faux finishes

Restaurants, salons, spas, bars, carry outs, can all have a
wonderful look as you can see from some of the latest works by
our artists.
Tuscany village scenes

Are very popular and enhance any space from a small dark
hallway to a large blank wall space.
Specialty Scenes

like these outdoor monkeys frolicking was accomplished on a
large 14 foot long wall to add some fun and amusement.
Roman and Greek

from greek goddess rooms that are done fresco secco to look
1000 years old to Renaissance architecture to warm the spirit.
Carry out counters

this  original arch creation was done to look like a fire brick oven
for pizza making. Including all faux bricks and background.
Exquisite Restaurants

Faux finishes and murals are all developed with the interior
designers to match and enhance all the seating, draperies,
curtains and pictures.
restaurant look like an island paradise.
Painters of Solid Colors, Faux Finishes, and Murals
Designer Walls