The Caress of Color

Do you see too many color choices?  Have you had the fear of
picking something that will not go with your armoire, your curtains,
your floor?  Why make those decisions with a little piece of colored
paper.  Let us show you how we match your materials, floors, and
accessories to harmonize your rooms with solid colors or special
Billowy clouds
even on a rainy
day enhance this
Marble walls and
ceiling in this
accented bath.
marble columns
enhance a grand
Two tone Dining
room reminds of
Victorian days.
Soft metallic finish
matches the
ornate Living
Room furniture.
Railings and
matching molding
with a soft wall
finish captivate
this balcony.
Stone walls in this
grand foyer accented by
the carved wooden
fireplace surround.
Faux stained
glass for a
bathroom window
needs no blinds.
Doors and walls
to reflect old world
Warm nuetral
walls and trays on
ceiling soften the
stone fireplace.
Grand Foyer with two
tone color gives
excitement to this
The cocoa colored
walls match the
fireplace brick.
Mellow green to
accent and
compliment the
kitchen cabinets.
Matching walls to
woodwork and
chandeliers blends
this foyer.
Beautiful gold and bronze finish
mantle with a similar accent
wall enriches this Living Room.
A soft tuscany finish
embellishes this
dining room.
Gold and bronze  
walls mimick the
accents in this
exquisite bath.
Exterior porches
can be made in
two tones for curb
This fanciful bath
is a white and gray
metallic finish.
Solid Color accent
walls work in well
lit areas.
Soft neutral colors
bring out the brick
and molding.
Warm colors tie
together the accents in
this den.
Soft colors blend well
with the strong dining
room furniture.
Painting kitchen
cabinets can
brighten up your
Warm dark green
walls enrich this
ecclectic bath..
Tissue paper
texture and soft
colors blend with
the accessories.
Painters of Solid Colors, Faux Finishes, and Murals
Designer Walls