Animals are one of life's best surprises.

You want frolicking monkeys, or squirmish squirrels, whether the
puppy is the all star or the parakeet, all are welcome. Murals can
be painted on canvas or directly on your walls. Give us your best
friend or a general idea of wildlife and we can put it on your walls.
Surprises welcome.
Gorilla on the back
of a bathroom
door. Watch out
when you close
the door.
Cougar closeup
captivates the
viewer done on
A boys best friend
A special best friends painting done on canvas
for a keepsake.
Zebra stripes and
zebra eyes. Here's
looking at you.*
Toucan, you can,
we all can in this
Lemmings peak out
from around the
sugar cane. Free all
the lemmings.*
Tiger in rainforest
bath over 20
animals painted in
this small half
Birds and more birds
One of the artists finishing a bird house. Lots of fun
loving penguins featured in this boys room. Over 30
different penguins as a surprise for a boys room.
Frolicking monkeys
A large entertainment room with a large 16 foot long
wall needed some fun. The kids will not knock this
mural down when they are playing with their kickballs.
Taken from "Eyes to Eyes"
Painters of Solid Colors, Faux Finishes, and Murals
Designer Walls